Normand Forget

From January 28 2017 to April 23 2017
Temporary exhibition

Commissaire : Émilie Ruiz

An Te Liu – White Dwarf

An Te Liu’s imposing installation White Dwarf is on display at the Musée d’art de Joliette for the summer season. The enormous sphere, composed of a multitude of obsolete electronic objects, is presented suspended in the lobby.

Patrick Bernatchez – 180°

The film 180° features a pianist performing a sonata by the Belgian composer Guillaume Lekeu (1870–94) in an empty concert hall with subdued lighting. The movement of the camera reveals, after a time, that the musician and his instrument are in fact upside down, suspended in space.

Yan Giguère – Croisements

OCTOBER 8 2016 – JANUARY 8, 2017
Temporary exhibition
Salle Nicole et René Després et Jeannette et Luc Liard

Commissaire : Marie-Claude Landry

Annie-Claude Coutu Geoffroy – Éléonores

The same woman appears three times in the video-dance Éléonores: in autumn, we find her in a field of dried corn; in winter, in an outdoor skating rink at night and, in summer, in a lake or on water. Shot outdoors, these unsettling locations, both for the dancer and for the cameraperson, are meant to express the three states represented by the dance.