Mat Chivers. Migrations

Curators: Jean-François Bélisle and Anne-Marie St-Jean-Aubre

About —

This fall, starting October 6, the Musée d’art de Joliette (MAJ) will host a dialogue between artificial intelligence (AI) and contemporary art with Migrations, an exhibition by British artist Mat Chivers. The show provides an opportunity to see one of the very first contemporary sculptures created in collaboration with an AI. The rise of AI is raising numerous ethical and poetic questions. How will this new tool affect the evolution of humanity? To what extent will it transform us? What impact will it have on the social fabric?

The MAJ has assembled several partners, including active members of Quebec’s AI community, to produce this major project: Element AI, Duchesne Lac-Mégantic, Groupe Omegalpha, USIMM, Concordia University, Figure 55, C2 Montreal and UNTTLD.

Biography —

The work of British visual artist Mat Chivers looks at how the fundamental phenomena that exist below the surface of things inform the way we experience the world around us. The process of making utilises combinations of analogue and digital technologies in works that embody a hybridisation of old-world and contemporary envisioning and fabrication processes in order to explore the nature of perception and action. Mat Chivers participated in residencies in Italy (2016), South Africa (2014) and England (2013 and 2009). His work is shown regularly in Europe in solo and group exhibitions. In 2014, he was commissioned to do a sculpture project for the new Mathematical Institute building at Oxford University. He developed the project with mathematicians and after a residency at that institute, a method of working that is emblematical of his approach.