Monika Grzymala

Curator: Anne-Marie St-Jean Aubre

From June 9 2018 to September 9 2018

About —

The line acts as a central theme and pattern in the work of Monika Grzymala, an artist known for her expansive three-dimensional “drawings”. Her installations are highly evocative: made of adhesive tape and paper handmade by the artist, by turns they resemble intermingled networks, borders to be crossed, knots, or creeping invasive substances. Her works go beyond simple formal exploration. They are fragile, and yet they exude fury and menace. They are made in situ, entering a dialogue with the architectural character of the exhibition space.

Monika Grzymala was born in Poland and lives and works in Berlin.

The Musée d’art de Joliette is about to become her latest canvas, where she will create a work to be unveiled in June 2018.

Information —

Members : free entry
Non-members : Children (16 years and under) 0$ · Students (30 and under) 10$ · Seniors (65 and over): 12$ · Adults 15$