Shannon Bool

Curator: Anne-Marie St-Jean Aubre

From June 9 2018 to September 9 2018

About —

Shannon Bool’s practice takes multiple forms, such as tapestry, rug, painting on silk, collage, photogram and sculpture. The works usually address one central theme: her critique of modernism through the use of materials and techniques most often associated with crafts and women, combined with her interpretation of psychoanalysis.

Through a reverse study of modernism – its decorative and ornamental motifs, its textures and surfaces, and its affect – the artist brings to light the presence of aesthetic influences, forces, and (female) protagonists that History has too often forgotten or put aside. Adolf Loos, Le Corbusier or Picasso are analyzed and complexified through recontextualization; fragments of their work are transformed through different techniques, superimposed to imagery clashing with the original aesthetic. Art historical and popular references abound in her layering approach to History. Born in Comox in British Columbia, Shannon Bool now lives and works in Berlin.

She will present a new body of works at the Musée d’art de Joliette.

Information —

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