Carl Trahan. Away From All Suns

Curatorial : Anne-Marie St-Jean Aubre

From June 19 2021 to September 6 2021

About —

An interest in language and philosophy permeates Carl Trahan’s art practice, which deals, by turns, on shifts of meaning in translation, on the weight of words, on the power of their articulation, and on the meandering passage between thought and experience and its expression and transmission. The materials of language—graphite, typefaces—along with divergences between word and image, underscoring the abiding blur between lived experience and its visual or textual form, have been part of his artistic vocabulary for over 15 years.

A body of work produced in the last five years, as well as some original new works, will be presented in the exhibition space dedicated to the religious heritage in the permanent collection. Contextualizing Trahan’s production with works that pose questions of faith suggests unique correspondences with the philosophical investigations that animate his art.


The artist acknowledges the support of the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec and the Canada Council for the Arts.

Image in the banner:

View of the exhibition Away From All Suns, Carl Trahan, Musée d’art de Joliette, 2021. Photo : Romain Guilbault.




Biography —

Born in Montreal, Carl Trahan has since 2011 been developing multidisciplinary work that explores the period between the Industrial Revolution and World War II. He uses certain events, literary works and historical texts—as well as the work of contemporary authors who analyze them—as a starting point to focus notably on the spiritual crisis linked to the scientific and technological advances of modernity, as well as its repercussions on the culture and politics of Europe that led to the great world wars.