Carol Wainio.
Contemporary Registers

Carol Wainio.Les registres du contemporain
Publication Date : January 1 2000
Price : $19.80

By Michèle Thériault

Widely admired for her resolutely contemporary approach to painting, Carol Wainio has produced an oeuvre distinguished by references as diverse as digital technology and the most traditional painterly narrative. The agitation and fragmentation that characterize her canvases, while reflecting contemporary sensibilities, puts accepted realities themselves in question. An essay and an artist’s statement accompany this first retrospective of twenty years of production. Carol Wainio has exhibited throughout the country and has been the subject of numerous publications, including Persistent Images (Art Gallery of York University) and Carol Wainio (Contemporary Art Gallery, Vancouver).

Published by the Musée d’art de Joliette

Carol Wainio. Les registres du contemporain
71 pp.; ill.
8.2 x 9.7”
Bilingual edition French-English