Jérôme Fortin.
Here and There

Jérôme Fortin.Ici et là
Publication Date : January 1 2002
Price : $18.00

By France Gascon

Seducing public and critic alike, the young Montreal artist’s minutely crafted compositions of recycled materials “trigger the same fascination we get from wandering an old-fashioned museum of curiosities” (Blake Gopnik, The Globe and Mail). His meticulous wall assemblages of human artifacts such as telephone wires, match-boxes, recycling bags, plastic bottles and even books reveal an “astonishing inventiveness” (Jennifer Couëlle, Le Devoir) and immediately draw in the viewer with the unexpected beauty of the familiar. Referring to Fortin as a kind of “goldsmith”, Gascon comments on his debt to Dadaism, his ecological consciousness and the links between his art and the recent history of modernist painting. Jérôme Fortin has participated in several key group exhibitions over the past fews years, notably both Montreal Biennials and last Fall’s aborted Québec/New York 2001. This is his first solo exhibition.

Published by the Musée d’art de Joliette

Jérôme Fortin. Here and There
48 pp. ill.
8.3 x 10.2”
Bilingual edition French-English