Reproduction Service

The Collections Department of the Musée d’art de Joliette conserves and makes available on demand photographic documentation of the works in its collection. The MAJ regularly photographs particular areas of its collection, and all new acquisitions are systematically documented photographically. These photographs are thereafter made available to researchers, students, art lovers, teaching institutions and the media.

Reproduction Rights

If you wish to reproduce the image of a work in the MAJ, you must apply beforehand for authorization by filling in the online form. Reproduction rights are determined in terms of use, print run and distribution. The Musée d’art de Joliette must be quoted in all cases.


In Canada, reproduction of a work by an artist who is currently living artist or who died less than fifty years ago must be authorized by the copyright holder (the artist, his or her estate or a copyright collective).

Anyone wishing to reproduce or disseminate works protected by copyright is solely responsible for obtaining authorization from the copyright holder before publication. The Museum does not provide any photographic document without proof of authorization to reproduce from the copyright holder or holders.