An Alluring Symbol: The Arrow Sash in Canadian Art

Un symbole de taille : la ceinture fléchée dans l'art canadien
Publication Date : January 1 2004
Price : 22.00

By Michelle Bourdeau-Picard, France Hervieux and Claude St-Jean

The arrow sash, a hand-woven belt invented by early Canadian settlers, evokes the Voyageurs, the fur trade, the Metis and the Patriotes. For two centuries its depiction has been central to Canadian painting. Serving a dual purpose, this publication details the evolution and history of the sash as well as the symbolic value attached to it by some of the country’s greatest painters. Illustrated with work by Cornelius Krieghoff, George Heriot, Paul Kane and others as well as with photographs of sashes from the early 19th century to today.

Published by the Musée d’art de Joliette

An Alluring Symbol: The Arrow Sash in Canadian Art
78 pp.; ill.
7 x 9”
Bilingual edition French-English