Marie-Josée Laframboise
Network Installations

Marie-Josée Laframboise.Ensembles réticulaires
Publication Date : August 4 2011
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By Eve-Lyne Beaudry, Andrea Fatona, Joan Stebbins and Marie-Josée Laframboise

Coproduced by the Southern Alberta Art Gallery, the Ottawa Art Gallery and the Musée d’art de Joliette.

Marie-Josée Laframboise expands the practice of cartography by taking an existing space and creating a new one. Her mixed-media installations emphasize the elasticity of rigidseeming architectural spaces and natural places. Combining mathematics, architecture and drawing, she challenges our preconceived ideas of a given space or place and disrupts our habits of moving around in them. This richly illustrated publication, issued on the occasion of the touring exhibition Marie-Josée Laframboise: Network Installations organized by and presented at the MAJ in 2009, contains an interview with the artist and two original essays on her work.

Marie-Josée Laframboise. Network Installations
144 p., ill.
6.3 x 7.9”
Bilingual edition French-English
ISBN 978-2-921801-48-5